You are currently viewing Woman Like Us – A tribute to Nowhera Shaik’s women-centric business module

Woman Like Us – A tribute to Nowhera Shaik’s women-centric business module

In a world of male chauvinism when women stand out for each other, it feels special. Nowhera Shaik is one such woman who broke all the shackles of male chauvinism and established an empire of a net worth of 1000 crore. In her initial days, she had little or zero knowledge on how to run a successful business but all she knew was that she needed connections to run any business. She was too ambitious for her age and probably that’s what brought her to this edge of success. She has not learnt to stop at one goal. To her, one goal is reached so that the journey to the next can be commenced.

She was 19 when she took the service of imparting education to young girls of rural India. She found her solace in teaching the young girls from the village. Though the elders of the village were initially quite repulsive against the girl child education, later they were convinced by Nowhera Shaik herself. Her coaching started to draw the attention of the villagers and gradually the class of 10 increased to 20 and then further. The classes started to draw the attention of the nearby villages and she started becoming ‘Nowhera Aapa’ from just Nowhera. She started to be widely revered by the women of the villages.

She slowly became an irreplaceable part of their lives who had an immense significance in their lives. She soon realized that she can turn her connections into a strong client base. She discovered the one thing that the rural women craved but usually could not afford to. Gold! Nowhera Shaik successfully turned concepts into reality with the help of sheer intelligence.

She would buy gold and golden ornaments directly from the goldsmith and sell them to the women in the village allowing them to pay monthly without any interest. This business structure of hers skyrocketed and she started winning both fame and money. Finally, in 2012, her dream of opening a Private Limited company was fulfilled with the establishment of Heera Gold Private Limited.

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