Why is Heera Group investors return of money taking so long?

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Heera Group investors, Nowhera Shaik has been trying her level best to ensure that the investors are returned with their money as soon as possible. She has already cleared the payments of more than 18000 investors with the available data but this cannot keep going on if Heera Group does not receive easy cooperation from the higher authorities.

In 2018, when Nowhera Shaik was arrested, an abrupt raid to the head office of Heera Group was followed by that event. In the raid, the company data were seized for investigation purposes. During the seizure, a Panchnama was prepared for listing out the things that had been seized by the authorities. Now while they are returning the seized data, most of the data listed in the Panchnama is still inaccessible to the company.

They are the important company data of individual account holders in Heera Group investments, which needs to be put to severe scrutiny if the money is to be returned. Nowhera Shaik has been requesting the court to interrupt in this matter. In a recent judgement passed in favour of Heera Group, the Supreme Court has asked all of the authorities to help Heera Group further in the legal process and release all the seized company data.

Nowhera Shaik cannot do anything about the fact that a major portion of the existing company data is still under seizure. Unless it is extracted, no further revelations can be made for the investor’s money return! This is why many of the investors have not yet received their money back. This is a situation that has nothing to do with Nowhera Shaik or Heera Group as such because the authorities have seized the entire server consisting of several hard drives of large storage capacities but while returning they are only returning all data in a single hard drive which is absurd!

Heera Group is looking into the matter, in the meantime have your faith invested in the goodwill of the company.

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