Who Is Jyoti Hegde

Who Is Jyoti Hegde

Jyoti Hegde  is a Khandarbani Gharana Rudra Veena and Sitar artist. She is the world’s first female Rudra Veena performer. The instrument was only used by men due to its massive structure; but a motivated Hegde put in the extra effort and became a maestro at it.

Jyoti Hegde Mastery Of The Rudra Veena

The Rudra Veena is a body-worn instrument rather than a more common hand-held instrument. The musician’s body and the instrument work together. As a result, mastering it is exceedingly tough and needs extensive training over the year with a lot of patience.

At a very young age, Jyoti had fallen in love with the giant instrument. She urged her guru Pandit Bindumadhav Pathak to teach her how to play the instrument. Despite his numerous attempts at trying to coax her out of it, she never gave up playing the instrument.

Her mother om numerous occasions warned her that using such a large and heavy instrument would affect her uterus. Being the first ever woman to master the instrument; Miss Jyoti Hegde is in good health and has her own son as well.

How the Rudra Veena Influenced Her Life As A Whole

Especially At a young age of 22, she was made to marry a well established; a banker in hopes that she would quit using the instrument. Shri G.S. Hegde, the man she was married to,  fortunately, was supportive of her musical interests and let her continue practicing it.  Pt. Indudhar Nirodi, her second Guru, later taught her music and helped her understand; the subtleties of Dhrupad music through vocal training.

Although After Practicing over the years to come; she emerged out as the first and only woman to master the Rudra Veena. Being prolific in both the Rudra Veena and the Sitar. She has single-handedly revived the instrument with numerous students studying under her tutelage from all across the globe.

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