Vivian Richards

vivian richards
vivian richards

Sir Isaac Vivian Alexander Richards KNH OBE OOC ( born 7 March 1952) is an Antiguan sheltered cricketer who represented the West Indies justice platoon between 1974 and 1991. Traipsing generally at number three in a dominant West Indies side, Richards is extensively regarded as one of the topmost batsmen of all time. In 1984 he suffered from pterygium and had eye surgery which affected his sight and revulsions. Despite this, he remained the most stylish batsman in the world for the coming four times, comprising 50. His form declined in the ultimate times of his career when he equalled 36.

Personal Life

Richards was born to Malcolm and also from Gretel Richards in St. John’s, Antigua, which is also part of the British Leeward islets. Richards discovered justice at a youthful age. His sisters, Mervyn and Donald, both played the game, representing Antigua as amateurs, and they encouraged him to play. The youthful Viv originally rehearsed with his father and Pat Evanson, a neighbour and family friend, who had captained the Antigua side.


Richards made his first-class debut in the month of January year 1972 when he was only 19 years old. He took part in the anon-competition match, representing the Leeward islets against the Windwards Richards made 20 and 26. His competitive debut followed many days latterly. Playing in the domestic West Indian Shell Shield for the Combined Leeward and Windward islets in Kingston, Jamaica versus Jamaica, he scored 15 and 32, top-scoring in the alternate innings in a heavy defeat for his side By the time Richards was 22, he’d played matches in the Antigua, Leeward islets and Combined islets events. In 1973, his capacities were noticed by Len Creed, Vice Chairman at Somerset, who was in Antigua at the time as part of a West Country traveling side. Surrey had before rejected both Richards and Andy Roberts at the Surrey Inner Nets in late 1972.” They didn’t suppose we were good enough indeed to further our justice education.

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