Vasty Lalhmeltha

Vasty Lalhmeltha

While many individuals today abandon their loved ones in times of danger, Vasty Lalhmeltha, a 13-year-old girl from a rural village in Manipur, didn’t hesitate to put her life on the line to assist a friend, becoming an inspiration to humanity.

By highlighting dictatorial kings’ selfishness, numerous prominent examples may be found throughout history. They believed that all they had to do in life was satisfy their many hungers. Selfishness is found not just among rulers and emperors, but also among ordinary people from all walks of life. Most people all over the world have a habit of taking a disproportionate share of everything and attempting to use others as a means to their satisfaction.

Vasty’s Honorable Sacrifice

Vasty, a resident of Perzawl village in Manipur’s newly formed Pherzawl district near the Mizoram border, died while saving a friend from drowning in a river.

Some people are completely oblivious to the idea that they must always trade their overall satisfaction to pursue a small number of unimportant pleasures. A selfish individual may be able to persuade his relatives and friends to put their interests aside to further his own. A selfish person in a family can sometimes get their wishes fulfilled at the expense of the family’s good-natured members, who are known to be unselfish and are not expected to be offended by any wrongdoing.

Volunteers Tried But Failed

Local volunteers who were resting along the river were alerted to the situation and hauled the two girls to safety. While Emmanuel was saved, Vasty was transported to the Churachandpur district hospital, where physicians pronounced her dead, according to the local leader.

Vasty had rented a house in Rengkai village and was living with her mother. She was in Class VIII at Assembly God School in the village, where she was studying for her exams. Vasty was later put to rest peacefully.

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