Updates of the airplane ride campaign of AIMEP

airplane ride

Airplane ride campaign: One thing that makes Ms.Aaalima Nowhera Shaik, CEO and Chairperson of Heera Group and AIMEP, different from all other entrepreneurs is her zeal at work. She considers her job sacred and is always ready to do something for someone which would bring at least a smile to their face. Recently, a child suffering from cancer expressed his deep-rooted wish to view Mumbai from high up in the sky from an airplane.

airplane ride

Upon hearing wish, Nowhera Shaik immediately engaged herself in preparing for an Airplane joyride for more than 30 kids. She consulted Ramanpreet Ahuja, Air Charter Service (ACS) representative to book a flight for the children. The AIMEP group has expressed their heartfelt gratitude for Mr. Ahuja’s cooperation throughout the campaign.

Details of the event

Charter flight S58201 took off at 11:40 a.m. from Mumbai airport and landed at around 12:40 p.m. Cancer Patient Aid Association (CPAA) encouraged the children for this event. Nowhera Shaik took to social media to reveal how grateful she was for the opportunity to add smiles to the children’s life.

She said that she had failed to hold back her tears seeing the smiling visages of the kids when the flight took off. Her life and career made more sense then. ” I would like to arrange for similar events, given the opportunities” stated Nowhera Shaik in her recent video.

Success of the initiative of airplane ride campaign

Spending so little time with the children did not fail to leave a huge impact on Nowhera Shaik. In her video, she expressed how the kids had taught her to be happy irrespective of all the challenges in life. Adani Group and Mumbai Airport appreciated this effort by Nowhera Shaik. She has stated her desire to conduct events like this again. It is truly a bliss to heart for the person who could bring happiness to the lives of innocent souls.

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