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Today girls need nothing but empowerment – Nowhera Shaik

Nowhera Shaik, If we take a look at our history and also compare it with our present times. One thing is very clear to us that our society just cannot handle empowered women! It is afraid of empowered women. Whenever there has been an empowered and powerful woman, she has been devoiced by the masses. The opinions of a woman are the last thing, this patriarchy can handle! Coming from such a strongly patriarchal society, Nowhera Shaik has made a mark of her own.

She has made it very clear to her haters that she does not bother herself with their opinions. She is a strong and opinionated woman who believes that this society which has so many women, can never survive without the existence of empowered women.

“Financial empowerment is one of the strongest forms of empowerment. But to attain this financial stability, we need the educational empowerment of women. We cannot, I repeat, we cannot entertain any more suppression of voices of women!” her voice was shaky with a mixed bag of emotions while she was speaking about the condition of women in our society.

She has fought with this patriarchal society, every single day and today she has made it easier for thousands of girls to follow her steps. The journey was not easy but she made it through with her sheer dedication.

“When I decided to be an entrepreneur, my parents supported me blindly! I had faced severe discrimination but that did not stop me from doing my duties. I think that there will be thousands of problems in your life but unless you find a solution to it, it will always be problematic.”

Lastly, she added, “Today’s girls need nothing but empowerment, both educational and financial. Otherwise, there is no freedom for women.”

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