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Tina Kothari

Tina Kothari, a fashion blogger and curator at Trending With Tina, began blogging in 2018 by launching a microblog on Instagram called Trending With Tina. She’d always been interested in all things fashion related since she could remember, which is why she decided to build something out of her passion, and TrendingWith Tina was born.

Initially, she intended to share her thoughts on styling and fashion trends, but as the account grew in popularity and size, she began to branch out into more lifestyle-oriented content as well. Her main focus, however, has always been and will continue to be fashion. The blog, in her words, is a method for her to realise dreams she couldn’t realise when she first had them.

Nag for Authenticity

Fashion, lifestyle, beauty, travel, food, and parenthood are all areas in which this woman excels. She’s genuine, open, and endearing. Her abilities to create authentic content for other brands are bolstered by these attributes. They believe that having a child puts an end to your work, but Tina was unable to follow the social conventions. It’s very motivating to watch how well she manages her real life and online persona.

She’s mastered the skill of chronicling her parenthood, as well as everything else she does, to create engaging, accessible, and authentic material. She combines business expertise with flair to deliver inspirational content to her ever-growing audience of committed followers, always aiming to stay ahead of the curve.

Her True Calling

Fashion has always been my true calling, and I’ve always wanted to break new ground in the world of style. It’s difficult to be ambitious in a society that considers a married woman’s function to be limited to that of a wife and mother. I wanted to debunk that stigma, and my husband and daughter were my biggest supporters throughout this ordeal.

Consistency and hard work pay dividends. Today, trendingwithTina is living proof of that. I am quite pleased of my accomplishments. Tina would love to have you over at trendingwith tina for whatever your fancy is, whether it’s cuisine, fashion, or frolic, and know that the best is yet to come.

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