Tilak Mehta wikipedia

Tilak Mehta wikipedia

Tilak Mehta wikipedia

He is a media personality and a 15-year-old entrepreneur. In 2018, he and his maternal uncle, Ghanshyam Parekh, co-founded the courier company Papers n Parcels (PNP). When he started his business, he was a 13-year-old eighth-grade student, and everyone was taken aback by his early success. In March 2019, he will appear on TEDx Talks and garner widespread media recognition. His company’s income is expected to expand substantially in the fiscal year 2020-2021; with a turnover of more than 100 crores.

Tilak Mehta is a student of Gurukul Olympiad School in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, where he is now enrolled in class 10. Vishal Mehta, his father, is a businessman, and Kajal Mehta, his mother, is a housewife. Tanvi Mehta is her younger sister. Tilak told the complete narrative of how he came up with the company’s concept; in an interview with prominent businessman and YouTuber Vivek Vindra.

The Idea That Gave Birth To The Company

He went on vacation to his uncle Ghanshyam Parekh’s place; but he forgot his math book when he returned home the next day. He was desperate for his book, so he asked his father to drive; all the way to his uncle’s house and deliver it to him. Tilak started looking for a courier, but the courier fees were more than the book’s price. As a result, he devised the plan to launch a low-cost same-day courier delivery business.

Contract with Mumbai Dabbawala

The contract with ‘Mumbai Dabbawala’ is based on a commission for each successful delivery; rather than recruiting personnel on a set pay. ‘Dabbawala’ receives a notification and a commission for a successful delivery via his mobile app.

Tilak Mehta created the company while he was only 13 years old, and it won; him a lot of media attention and public support. Many large media outlets covered his tale, and as a result, his company gained a lot of free publicity. He has now established himself as a brand, and everyone in Mumbai is aware of him and his company’s services.

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