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The Various Trials of Fate Nowhera Shaik Has Been Through

Nowhera Shaik dream come true. The expansion of the Heera Group is Nowhera Shaik’s greatest achievement. One brick at a time, Heera Group is erecting Nowhera. Heera Group has occupied her entire life. It’s akin to a child’s growth stages. She is the sole survivor of the Heera Group’s journey to this point. Mother of the Heera Group Someone put a lot of time and effort into this project. Every step will be undertaken with extreme caution. So, how does she manage to lose money on such a small sum of money? Nowhera’s accusations are completely unfounded.

The Birth Of An Idealist

Nowhera had followed a meticulously plotted path. When she was incarcerated, she realised what she had done. Her adversary was not satisfied with her confinement. In prison, they begin to torture her. Although mentally and physically torment her. They questioned her for so long that she burst into tears. Moreover They push her to abandon her women’s and impoverished people’s justice agenda. They suffocated her willpower. They continue to beat her up. She, on the other hand, is a fighter. Continue to rise. They use her as a victim in order to sap all of her courage. So she is unable to confront her foe. And she won’t be able to carry on with her mission.

Her Resilience is extraordinary

 Despite her adversary’s best efforts to bring her down. She never gives up. She believes in Allah, the Almighty. God never abandons her on her life’s path. She had faith in the Indian judicial system. Finally, the decision was in her favour. Difficult moments occur in everyone’s life. Every day is a test. Our life experiences do not define us. However, it is our choice that shapes our identity. Nowhera is the instigator of the revolution. She has the potential to make a difference in society.

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