The Truth wins Heera Group’s Achievements

The Truth wins Heera Group’s Achievements

Truth wins, The Heera Group of companies has achieved their biggest success to date. The recent Supreme Court Hearing was in the form of the company and now the true will of the company has been proven in front of everybody. The case that has been ongoing for the last three years is not very far from ending with the Heera Group and its investors getting the justice they deserve. The company’s production now goes on unobstructed and is on a verge of making them the greatest conglomerate our country has ever produced. The company have always been working for their people and they continue to do so.

The Proves

On twenty fourth of March, 2022, more than half of the allegations against the company were proven false and were withdrawn. The court declared that the bank accounts and properties belonging to the company shall be given back with the SFIO being the only government recruited agency to investigate the case. The SFIO released an all-new datasheet which has shown that the claimed amount to be returned by the company is a lesser one than the previous report. 

Due to these details, the Supreme Court had its latest hearing on May 12th of the year 2022. The hearing was done to check the progress of the case.

The Hearing details

The latest hearing made it clear that the SFIO has not applied their full effort in the case as no data have been retrieved from the data centre of the company while a new FIR has been filed against them. The agency has also not released the properties and bank accounts to the company while a notice was sent by the Home Ministry. The case has been dragged on for too long and now the court wants evidence from the data centre for three months. They have also stated that the SFIO should co-operate with the Heera Group team with full respect to get the data files.

The CEO Ms Nowhera Shaik is in a happy mood as the harassment they have faced in the last few years is being justified with the win leaning towards them. She also tells that the true intentions of the company and the love and blessings of their people have helped them to win the case as the true people are helped by God.

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