The Tale of A Different Woman

The Tale of A Different Woman

The Tale of A Different Woman. Have you heard of the books like Red Riding Hood, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella or Rapunzel? Every book tells a story of the comeback and bravery of a woman. These are old grandma stories and all the women are sort of princess. But have you heard of a story in a reality that tells the comeback of a woman in amazing fashion?

This woman is an icon and is the inspiration of thousands of women in and outside the country. She’s Ms Nowhera Nanne Saheb Shaik. Ms Shaik was raised in a family of six sisters where she was the eldest. She used to sell vegetables with her mother in the market. Although belonging to a middle-class family she was never provided with the comfort that an average middle-class child receives. She completed her education and at an age of nineteen, she started teaching at the Madrassa.

After that, due to her ancestral history of businessmen, she thought of starting her business venture. She founded the Heera Group in the year of 1998. She has started the venture as a textile company but then she added other products like ladies’ accessories, jewellery and other things building the Heera Group as a conglomerate. She has since then served uncountable people specifically women of the country who were underprivileged and suppressed by society.

She has built water storage tanks, roads in rural areas, medical clinics, educational institutions, employment sectors and many other things that have changed the structure of rural and suppressed India. To serve the people in a more proper way she along with her colleagues founded the All India Mahila Empowerment Party in the year of 2017. She was accused of running a scamming scheme on her investors and was arrested thus putting a halt to the operations by the Heera Group and the Mahila Empowerment Party. She provided answers to the oppositions and rivals who planned her arrest by clearing out of all the charges and having a clean chit. She has thus resumed the operations of both her party and her company with the blessings of Allah and has started a new Mall in Mumbai along with the inauguration of the digital gold scheme. She is also expanding the units of her party in Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. Ms Shaik is the real woman who is an example that women still can fight the opposition and stand on the victory stand alone.

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