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The Spirit to fight back has made Nowhera Shaik, successful once again

Nowhera Shaik, Not many people can be as tough when fighting back against all the odds. Nowhera Shaik is probably one such woman who has made it possible. The last few years have been quite unsettling for Nowhera Shaik. She had been arrested based on a wrong allegation made against her. The allegation was brought about by a handful of her investors who blamed her for not giving the returns what they deserved. She fought against this allegation in court. Naturally, the ones who brought the complaints could not prove it in court. 

Nowhera Shaik did not give up.

Giving up in any situation is completely out of context for her. There are no such words, ‘giving up’ in her dictionary. She loves to fight challenges. The Heera Group of companies, which is her company, had faced serious consequences out of the legal case against her. 

Nowhera Shaik is a law-abiding citizen of this country. She has contributed a lot to develop a better country for our next generation. Nowhera Shaik entered politics to help more and more people. 

Her political venture – a masterstroke or a mistake?

She does not want to judge things in that tone. She wanted her good works to reach more and more people and so that the real, needy experience a bit of comfort out of her activities. Her political venture was a very personal choice made by her. Interestingly her political venture was seen successfully by the people, which made the big powers lose their nerves. 

Moreover she fell prey to a political game plotted against her by many big sharks. She is a person who would never bow to anyone’s pride. She fought the hardships with grace, and today she is again back on her track!

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