The rebirth of MEP 

The All Indian Mahila Empowerment Party is one of the hottest sensations of the country today. The party has been primarily operating for the underprivileged and suppressed women of the country. They have fought the elections, although the result was not as expected. But still, the party continues to serve the people as the president of the party Mrs. Nowhera Shaik thinks that the party is all about the women and the future of India as she visions the country as a women-dominated nation. The country has notable women idols be it goddesses, social activists, or social reformers women have been everywhere. But the same women have been suppressed by the men of the country.  

The party was deviated from its track due to some legal problems but it has taken rebirth and is now resuming all the operations they were operating. They have constituted a new unit in Mumbai headed by Mrs. Topusoundarya, they are in talks with YS Sharmila of the YSR Telangana party for new schemes benefiting the women and most importantly they are going to have a wing in the largest state of the country, Uttar Pradesh. UP has been a prime target of the MEP as the state is mostly dominated by rural and uneducated men while the education of females is like a dream to many. The state also suffers from unemployment, starvation, and many more things. Mrs. Shaik and MEP have planned to start a scheme of providing rice at rupee one per kilogram to the people suffering from poverty.  

They have also thought of several employment opportunities for the educated youth of the state. There are other plans for building river dams, water tanks, irrigation systems, and roads in the state. All the plans are planned well up to now and they are waiting till they form a legal unit there. The MEP is working hard to help women in any way.  

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