The plane ride for young cancer survivors by AIMEP is soon to begin!


Finally, the wait for the impending fun plane ride is over! Tomorrow Nowhera Shaik will be financing a chopper ride arranged by the All India Mahila Empowerment Party (AIMEP)team members to add a memorable event to the life of 30 kids who are victims of the deadly disease cancer. A team member described, ” We have arranged for top-notch security service and some of our team members will monitor the entire journey.”


Nowhera Shaik has personally asked to appoint volunteers who will cater to the children’s needs during the ride. “The children must feel comfortable only then they will be able to enjoy the ride,” spoke Dr. Nowhera Shaik.

Nowhera Shaik feels happy when she helps others

On account of their many bodily disabilities, children suffering from cancer are deprived of the normal childhood lived by other children of their age. They are under strict medication hence they are often forbidden from playing, eating heavy foods, and sometimes even watching TV. These children also don’t often get to go out for tripping or enjoying a vacation. This plane ride which might be a very common thing for other children is hence an event of huge excitement for them.

Nowhera Shaik stated, “Allah has given me the means to fulfill all my needs. So, I must share my good luck with others. We are all a family.”

Nowhera Shaik inspires devoted social workers

On 15th August, the whole of India looks tricolored as people are seen celebrating their liberty. People are exchanging warm wishes with each other without reflecting on people’s caste, religion, and creed. The AIMEP is working very hard to make the next day a very special one for those children. Nowhera Shaik’s noble way to spread love and happiness among young survivors of cancer. There is no doubt an inspiration for hundreds of other welfare workers who works to make this world a peaceful and happy place for everyone.

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