The Perseverance of Heera Group

Heera Group

India is one of the most prominent third-world countries in the world. Despite having a huge supply of resources the company has been working on its technical growth. During this process, the country has produced several MNCs that have provided top-tier services to the people. India has also produced conglomerates which have not been limited by the barriers of the Indian border. They have spread their branches in several countries across the world. Today while speaking about Indian Conglomerates no one can ignore the name of The Heera Group of Companies. 

Heera Group

With an experience of more than two decades, the company have shown us that with perseverance, honesty and hard work and can cross any hurdle. 

The Roots 

The formation of the company can be traced back to thirty years ago when the founder and CEO of the company, Ms Nowhera Shaik was a teenager and decided to form a brand of her own. With a small amount of capital and a small team, she started the start-up back in 1998 which has now grown up to become the present-day Heera Group. 

The company is a significant Conglomerate of the Indian Subcontinent and thus it has been the prey of several legal traps. In 2018, the company was falsely accused of scamming its investors with an amount of more than six thousand crores. Their properties were seized while Ms Shaik was arrested. The case went on for three years before being taken up by the Serious Fraud Investigation Office which proved that the accusation was totally false but indeed some investors were left to be paid back which is pretty often in every industries.

The Perseverance

The business operations of the company were paused during the case so it had no profit to pay the investors back. The honourable supreme court released their properties and the Income Tax department cleared those properties. With due respect to its investors, the company are selling off their prime properties to pay them back. When Ms Shaik was asked why they are selling the properties, she told that the “investors are part of the Heera Group family and relationship means more than the business operations.”

The company have proven that the path can be difficult as it examines your perseverance and with that, you can achieve anything you want.

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