The One for All: Nowhera Shaik

Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy

There are not as many social working groups in the country of India as there are poor people in there. Most of the people starve to death due to the increased population, unplanned families, scarcity of residential space, unemployment, improper health care and many more things. We are unfortunate that our country has the largest slum in the world. In several parts of the country, there is famine, no rainfall due to the change in climatic conditions. The situation has worsened due to the ongoing global pandemic.

The employment graph has fallen along with the increase in starving people percentage. People are out of reach and have been helpless. Although several non-governmental organizations have aided them, all the people have not received the aid. During this time a woman stood up to help them along with her company and her political party. She’s none other than Ms Nowhera Nanne Saheb Shaik. Ms Shaik is a well-known philanthropist who has served many people in several ways. She has donated a huge amount of rupees five thousand crores for the welfare of the people. She has not limited herself up to that.

She has built medical clinics, educational institutions and many other things. Most importantly during the pandemic, she has served the people by providing them rice and other eatables at negligible prices. The funding source was the Heera Group, the same Heera Group which people accused of running a Ponzi scheme and scamming people. The same people were helped by the group and its owner, Ms Shaik. She was bailed out and cleared of all the accusations which helped her to resume the social work she have done till now. According to Miss Shaik, every human being is a human by virtue and thus bears some rights that should be equal for all. She has also started new schemes with the Heera Group that have brought digital gold as a reality in our country. Recently she held the Heera Group meet-up which made her confidence level up to the moon. She’s more confident and more concentrated to help the people and serving them till the end. She’s now regarded as he woman who’s standing for all the people!

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