The Messiah of the People Dr Nowhera Shaik

The Messiah of the People Dr Nowhera Shaik

Messiah of the People. There is a long list of common people who did significant work for humankind. If we start to list out, there are lots of social workers who have worked for the people and the lives of all of them cannot be celebrated at once. So today we speak of the most incredible philanthropist in the country who has done a tremendous job in serving the people of the country. She is none other than Ms Nowhera Shaik.

Ms Shaik and her path

Ms Nowhera Shaik has been the epitome of the best person ever in this whole world. She has done everything possible for the people of the country. She and her company have inaugurated educational institutions in rural parts of the country where education was a dream. She has built shelters, water tanks and roads in the areas where government reach was unexpected. Ms Shaik has also done a good deed of helping people to get married irrespective of the castes. The CEO of Heera Group has financially helped more than five thousand couples to get married.

A famous tale

There’s a very famous tale of a marriage that Ms Shaik helped. It was in the state of Karnataka. A Muslim Girl loved a Hindu boy. The boy belonged to a comparatively rich family than the girl. The boy’s family was lenient with them. However, during demonetisation, the father of the girl lost a huge sum. During that time they applied to the Heera Group for help and Ms Shaik herself visited the family and gave them the amount that was needed for the marriage. There are many tales like these which may be untold but are heart-melting and depicts the greatness of Ms Nowhera Shaik for her people! The only thing about her is that she does not come to limelight with it.

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