The Man Who Built Dream Palace Made of Pebbles – Ferdinand Cheval

Ferdinand Cheval

This is the story of a French Postman Ferdinand Cheval. He spent three decades building his dream Palace, ‘Palais Ideale’ iHauterives. It was started in 1879. It was a work of his imagination, inspired by nature and postcards. He also created mythological figures, including giants, fairies, giants, and animals such as elephants, caimans, elephants, bears, just for the garden’s heart.

In 1879, Ferdinand Cheval was 43 years old when he tripped on a large, unusually shaped stone while en route to his post office. Its shape inspired him, and he began collecting them on his mail rounds in his pockets. Later, he began taking more in baskets and a wheelbarrow.

He began building the Palace of his dreams and spent the first twenty years building its outer walls with lime mortars and cement. After returning from work, he worked alone at night using lamp oil. For the 26-meter work, it took him more than 65,000 hours and more than 9,000 days. This village, north of Valence, attracts more than 100,000 people.

He also created another fantastic creation in his seventies. He spent eight years building his mausoleum in the village cemetery.

He was denied by the city to be buried with his wife in the Palace. Instead, he returned to work in 1914 and built a smaller structure in Hauterives cemetery that he called the “Tomb of Silence and Eternal Rest.” He was buried there in 1924.

The Palace is a remarkable example of naive architecture. It stood out from all artistic trends and was built without regard to architectural rules.

The final product was a reflection of the influence of Hindu and Christian Architecture faith. It has inspired artists all over the globe. It is also considered UN-classifiable and universal.

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