The Major Developments By Heera Group

heera group

Heera Group is a type that is full of ups and downs. At times, unexpected turns took place in this journey which became barriers but with the continuous developments, the company is pacing and becoming successful. Nowhera Shaik’s company with the launch of the new Heera Digital Gold are stepping into the digital market. The company is also trying to increase its reach across different countries and the comeback is an excellent one. This company is a true example of “rags to riches”.

Nowhera Shaik started and paved the Heera Group in the year 1998. This was the first permanent business launched by Nowhera which took off well and became very successful. After this, in the year 2012, she registered the name of the headquarters as Heera Groups of companies. The group grew so much after its foundation that in 2018, they launched some new companies like Heera Mart, Heera bazaar, they also launched in travels and jewellery, etc.

From the first day of August, the Heera Group again started its business. The investors were excitedly and eagerly waiting for this reopening of the company after the scaring short closure. From the 1st of January, the Heera group will be launching its Heera Mart in many places and also will enable the international and trusted users of the Heera Digital Gold to do transactions and access the services.

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