The Kargir Girl – Gunjan Saxena

gunjan saxena

The story opens with Gunjan Saxena, a young girl, on a plane with her older brother Anshuman, who was born in Lucknow, 1984. Gunjan Saxena would like to see out of the plane’s window, but Anshuman won’t allow it. Gunjan is taken to the royal pit by Anshuman, the kind and helpful air host. As she is enthusiastic about the plane, her eyes immediately turn to the cockpit. She decided to become a pilot, as she feels enthusiastic about the things about the airplane.

Gunjan tried her best to become a pilot and enroll in the flying school. But she was turned down because of her qualifications and high cost, of course. 

Although her parents may differ on her dream of her, Kirti (mother), hopes that her daughter will soon warn her. Anup insists that her daughter can pursue her dreams indefinitely. Gunjan is allowed to apply for the Indian Air Force by way of a newspaper advertisement.

Anshuman, who is also a military veteran, strongly disagrees with Gunjan’s statement and says that the Air Force does not have a place for women. She ignores him and continues to follow the rules. Later, she discovers that she is the only woman accepted on the results day. This moment made her proud.

Gunjan Saxena falls one inch short and weighs seven-pound more as per the Air Force Criteria. She was very upset by this, and she was preparing for a retest as well. She discussed the same with Anup, and they created one exercise regimen to lose weight.

She still falls short in height after all the retests, but police concluded that her legs and arms would make up the difference, and she is welcome to join the army.

 All Air Force pilots were needed at the beginning of the Kargil war in 1999. Gunjan was determined to participate in the war. Anshuman stopped Gunjan from participating, but she refused again. She was now desperately needed by the machine, and she continues to work.

Without hesitation, she leaves the camp. She leaves the camp without hesitation when she hears about the deaths of military personnel. Gunjan Saxena and another pilot took to the skies in different helicopters to aid the soldiers. The soldiers demanded that she have an abortion, but she refused to listen.

Gunjan Saxena, who was exposed to bullets, rescues another military pilot from a downed helicopter. Her father, Anup, was proud of her for her courage during the missions and battle.

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