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The Intellectual Entrepreneur, Nowhera Shaik

The Intellectual Entrepreneur

Nowhera Shaik has won millions of hearts just by her patience, generosity and labour. She believed that people are all identical to each other in the end in one respect, that they are all humans. Hence irrespective of gender, everyone deserves equal opportunities to prove themselves. But the society’s dimension of thinking was opposite to hers. Hence from the very beginning of her journey, people imposed judgements and obstacles to prevent her from achieving the goals of her life.

However, God always provides help to those who deserve it and hence fate didn’t smash her aims to dirt as a whole. She from a mere vegetable vendor emerged as a businesswoman without many assets except deep passion, determination and wonderful entrepreneurship skills. She devised and worked to establish her dream project, The Heera Group of Companies. Being a woman, her abilities weren’t trusted by many. Yet she never stopped moving ahead. It wasn’t she was always lucky to not face any trouble. She too witnessed a lot of ups and downs in her career graph.

Nowhera Shaik

But she knew to earn fame one has to do something extraordinary. And every good thing takes time to happen. This faith helped her to trudge on. She faced a lot of demotivation but mostly all the negative comments shooted at her fell on deaf ears.

She has secured many accolades for her magnificent giveaways to the entrepreneurship world. According to the latest update, she is the wealthiest woman in our country. In addition to aforesaid achievements, she is also richer than any other woman coming from the Muslim community in the entire world.

She is not only successful in achieving fame in the business world, but also the most important female; social service provider in our country. She has given away a lot of money approximately 1000 crore to develop educational centres, boardrooms, universities and college campuses. She also extended her helping hand to many teenaged hard-working girls; to fulfil their goals by arranging free education for them.

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