The Hope Of India, Dadabhai Naoroji

Dadabhai Naoroji

The ‘Father of Indian Politics’ is Dadabhai Naoroji. He was also a politician, industrialist, educator, and thinker with a long history. Shri Dadabhai Naoroji had a great scholarly aspect to him. He joined Elphinstone College’s mathematics faculty in 1845. An English Professor called him the “Asha Of India”. Many organisations were founded by Dadabhai.

The weekly Gujarati newspaper ‘Rasta Gafftar’ began publication in 1851. In 1867, he established the East India Association. He became a Gujarati professor at the University of London, among other places. In 1869, he came back to India.

In 1886, from the Finsbury region, he was elected to Parliament. Wrote the book ‘Poverty and Unbritish Rule in India,’ which was a landmark study at the time. He served as President of the ‘Indian National Congress’ between 1886 and 1906 AD.

On September 4, 1825, in Mumbai, Dadabhai Naoroji was born into an impoverished Parsi family. His father died when Dadabhai was four years old. Even though he was poor, his mother provided him with higher education. Dadabhai began teaching at University College London after completing his academic education.

Later, he moved to London and joined Cama and Company as a partner. Under the name of ‘Naoroji and Company,’ he began trading cotton in 1859. He was also a member of Sir Surendranath Banerjee’s’Indian National Association’ before the foundation of the Congress. Congress eventually absorbed this organisation.

In 1906, he presided over the Indian National Congress’s ‘Calcutta Session.’ The ‘Bible of the National Movement,’ Poverty and Un-British Rule in India, is his magnum opus. Mahatma Gandhi cited him as an inspiration. Elphinstone College made him the first Indian professor. Later, he taught at University College, London.

His presentation to the Kolkata Congress in 1906 AD revealed Dadabhai to be a fervent patriot. For the first time, he used the term Swaraj. We aren’t pleading for mercy, he said. Justice is needed.

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