The Heera Group of Companies- A journey like no other

The Heera Group

Starting in the year 1998, the Heera Group of Companies is an Indian conglomerate company founded by Dr Nowhera Shaik. With its central office in Hyderabad, this 23-year-old group of companies presently have their branches all over India.

Built on the efforts of Nowhera Shaik, the Heera Group of companies is currently a pioneer in gold trading. Mostly known for its philanthropic intentions, this company is a dream project for thousands of aspiring women.

The journey of these groups from a minor venture to the Heera Empire is indeed an incredible one. With the motive of promoting an interest-free nation, these groups have won several awards and accolades.

The Heera Group

The noble intentions of the Heera Empire

Heera Gold being the foremost venture, the Heera Empire is a group of 16 small companies. With its branches in almost every corner of the world, this company has a strong grip over the Middle East nations.

Among the 16 companies, the prime ones are- Heera Digital Gold, Heera Electronics, Heera Deals, Heera Foodex and Heera Pure drops. Each of these companies not only holds major market shares but is also known for its noble approaches. Known to all, 2% of their profits are contributed to the well-being of the lower sections.

A briefing about the Heera Groups

Starting with the Heera Gold, it is the first successful venture of Nowhera Shaik‘s queendom. Following this, Heera electronics is another significant investment. Under the able guidance of Nowhera Shaik, this company promotes the supply of reliable electronic gadgets at budget-friendly prices. Besides them, there come the Heera deals. Being the first set-up on a digital platform, they promise their buyers with quality service and the best products. Another section of the Heera Groups that copes with packaged drinking water is the Heera pure Drops. Right from manufacturing to supplying, this company does it with utmost care. Last but not the least, Heera Foodex is the most profit-making food brand for global customers.

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