The Heera Group Expansion

The Heera Group Expansion

The Heera Group Expansion is expanding their business throughout India. There are talks to expand the business in several parts of the World. All the credIn its for this expansion goes to Ms Nowhera Shaik and her immensely talented team. The start-up that started back in the small town of Tirupathi two decades ago is now hoisting the flag of its success in several parts of this vast world. The Heera Group of companies is building a universe of their own where the middle-class section of the society would get the full conveniences of the highly privileged section of the society.

The Budding stages

Hailing from a small middle-class Muslim family, she grew up with some significant values taught by her parents. She always tried to do something or the other for the betterment of the lifestyle of the poor section of the people. She saw that the number of suffering people is huge and they cannot be helped by a common girl from South India. She thus formed the Heera Group of companies with her colleagues where a part of their revenue would be provided for those people. 

The start-up grew up to be a business with several sectors and finally the conglomerate that it is today. The business model was based on a no-interest one which allows the investor to receive what they have invested without any deduction of interest.


Today the company is the fastest growing conglomerate in the heart of the Indian Subcontinent. The company have opened its new branches all over the parts of United Arab Emirates. They are yet to have the inauguration of other branches in Australia and European countries. The launch of their highly anticipated Heera Digital Gold is the reason for their immense growth. The company has their showrooms and outlets in almost all the metropolitan cities of the country. Today they are planning on further expansion as Ms Shaik believes in equality of opportunity and thus everybody should have an opportunity to get the Heera Group experience.

Ms Shaik is determined and has a strong will and believes that the almighty has provided them with the blessings and they have miles to go before they sleep.  

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