The Heera Group: A dream come true

The Heera Group

The Heera Group of Companies is one of the largest conglomerates in India. Formed in the year 1998, the journey of the Heera Empire is certainly impressive. Currently, it’s a group of 16 companies that contributes their best in their respective fields. Right from Heera Gold to Heera Foodex, every company under Nowhera Shaik’s queendom is a pioneer in trading.

Additionally, they are the first such organization that donate their profits to social welfare. Under the noble guidance of Dr. Shaik, the Heera Group give out 5% of their annual earnings and interest loans to the oppressed masses.

The Heera Group

A childhood so different

At the age of 5, when we dream of dolls and chocolates, Nowhera Shaik thought of debuting in business. In order to support her family, she started selling vegetables on the streets of Tirupati at that young age. Moreover, she soon switched her merchandise and started trading old clothes in her locality.

It wasn’t long before she transited into teaching. Dr. Shaik started educating the local destitute girls when she was just 19 years old. Further, she jumped into gold trading which proved to be the game-changing step of her life. Well, the business that was initiated as a recommendation-based venture gradually grew upto the pride of Indian trade.

Projecting the importance of education

Nowhera Shaik’s journey from the girl next door to the role model for girls is significantly an extraordinary one. Truly titled as the Youth Icon of India, this lady rules the present generation with her morals.

Apart from being a successful entrepreneur, Nowhera Shaik is a willing educationist too. Her contribution in the field of education is matchless. She is one of the few figures that has genuinely donated to the educational development of the downtrodden masses. Besides, our queen of investments has largely invested in the development of schools, colleges, hostels and universities as well.

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