The Guitarist Born Without Arms – Tony Melendez

Tony Melendez

When we begin to take advantage of difficulties and disadvantages, which often are mistaken for barriers to our success, we become more courageous and mature as individuals. These are the challenges and disadvantages that make us great leaders and achievers. Jose Antonio Melendez Rodriguez is one of these best examples.

Tony Melendez, a 50-year-old Nicaraguan American singer/composer/guitarist who was born without arms. His disability was caused by Thalidomide, which his mother took during her pregnancy. Although he didn’t have arms, that didn’t stop him from enjoying life and fulfilling his dreams. He did everything with patience, perseverance. He refused to let his handicaps stop him from being courageous and began playing guitar with his feet. He is today a world-renowned guitarist.

Melendez began playing guitar and singing in Los Angeles in 1985. After his 1987 live performance in which he sang “Never Be the Same” and played the guitar with his feet, he was instantly in the limelight.

He also performed for Pope John Paul II, 6,000 people, and millions of television viewers. Melendez instantly became a star. The performance brought tears to everyone, including the Pope, who embraced him and said, “My wish to the Pope, is that you continue to give this hope to all, to all the people.”

He continues to inspire millions of people around the world with his faith, hope, and courage almost 25 years later.

Melendez received many awards for his contributions to music, including the Unity Awards Male Voice of the Year UCMVA 2000, 2002, and 2004, the Branson Entertainment Award 1999 for Best New Artistthe Artist of The Year in 2002the Inspirational Hero Award from NFL Alumni Association at Super Bowl XXIII, and many others.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Tony Melendez wife: His wife name is Lynn Meléndez

Tony Melendez biography:

Tony Melendez net worth: Tony Meléndez net worth is approximately $1.5 Million.

Tony Melendez family: Tony Meléndez married a woman named Lynn and has lived in Branson, Missour with her.

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