The glorious establishment of the Heera Group

Heera Investors

The Heera Group of Companies formed by Dr. Nowhera Shaik is one of the conglomerate companies of India. Founded by a female philanthropist and leader, these companies were indeed a boon to mankind. The first company under the Heera Group was established back in 1998. Running successfully for a period of 23 years, it has now became a pioneer in gold trading.

Everything was going well until 2018 when an arrest took place of Nowhera Shaik over a particular conflict. The companies slowly started losing their reputation and investors started withdrawing their money. However, the news of her bouncing back fills us with hope and positivity.

Heera Group

Supreme Court’s take on Dr. Shaik’s case

On the 4th of July, 2022, A meeting was scheduled with the Supreme Court. In the meeting, it was decided that Dr Shaik will hand over her assets to the Court. As claimed by her, she handed over her properties worth 900 crores to the Supreme Court. Further, she requested the Court to sell them and pay back her investors.

Despite being in a pathetic situation, Dr. Shaik sold all her properties to stand beside her genuine investors. Well, her noble nature and outspoken personality are the only things that elevate her from the rest. Claiming her reliability, she even promised to answer the charges of her investors.

A glimpse of her authenticity.

Well, it was the first time in the history of our Judiciary that a CEO handed over her properties without an order. Dr shaik, without passing any judgement, submitted the assets worth 877 crores for the settlement of claimants.

In addition, she also warned the fake claimants and nominees who have been asking for money. Commencing with her speech, she requested her clients not to fall prey to false brokers. In conclusion, she appealed to her genuine investors to rely only on the Supreme Court to retrieve their money.

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