The Genius Entrepreneur, Nowhera Shaik

nowhera shaik

Nowhera Shaik a person becomes great not by words but by their deeds. When you put in the effort, life pays you back with the success you deserve. The family or the locality we are born in doesn’t decide our destiny. It’s our abilities and hard work that decide how much success we will achieve in our lives.

Nowhera Shaik believed and applied this notion in her life as well. She never cared about the restrictions imposed on her; by her family background status and always trudged ahead valiantly.

She always believed that it’s her input that will help her to shine. Also from an early age assisted her parents in meeting their family expenses. Later, during the hay days of her adulthood, she started giving tuitions to the young girls; of her community and motivated them to work harder and earn recognition and financial independence for themselves.

“God helps those who help themselves” is true to this proverb Nowhera’s prayers were finally answered; when her dream project The Heera Group of Companies earned much acclaim in the business world. It wasn’t long before her company spread their branches not only in India but also in many Middle Eastern Countries.

She, therefore, started to inspire girls from various strata of society to join different agendas of her business venture.

She even gave away a lot of expensive assets of her company to financially support the educational; necessities of girls coming from underprivileged families.

Even during the pandemic when like all other big establishments Heera Group of Companies; too incurred huge losses, Nowhera never stopped financially assisting the society. She gave huge donations to many educational and medical centres to ensure that no compromise is done; with the education of our future citizens and the health of common people.

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