The Establishment of Women Arabic College


Nowhera Shaik founded a Tirupati women’s Arabic college, which provides free education to orphans and women. Women Arabic College has nearly 2000 students.

Many facilities are available for students at no cost. There are Ac classrooms, Big Playgrounds and free educations. All the professors and imams at this college are also paid handsomely by Dr. Nowhera Shaik.

She also launched Heera Group Investment Plans, which are available to many poor people. Many poor people got financial freedom by investing in the Heera Group Investments Plans.

Heera Group went through financial difficulties, but has since bounced back. Heera Group investors are now receiving their money regularly. Many poos received their investments back, along with blessings and benefits to Nowhera Shaik.

Many people began to troll Ms. Nowhera Shaik, founder of Heera Group, which achieved great success within a few years. Many people in the same community were jealous of her success, and began speeding up rumours regarding Dr. Nowhera Shah.

Dr. Nowhera has always been passionate about education. She has also opened numerous educational centers for students from low income families who cannot afford education. Her primary goal was to provide free education for women. She built six stories high Women’s Arabic College to fulfill that goal.

She is an entrepreneur and humanitarian who has won many awards. In 2013, she was awarded the Mumbai Ratan Award for her outstanding contribution to education and human services for her incredible contribution towards the society. In 2014, she was awarded with the Bharat Gaurav Award.

Dr. Nowhera knows that great success is not without difficulties. She has had to deal with many. She has been able to overcome them all and shine again like a star thanks to God’s grace. She continues to work as both a businesswoman and humanitarian, but she has never lost faith in justice and humanity.

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