The entry of AIMEP in the Karnataka elections

The entry of AIMEP in the Karnataka elections

The entry of AIMEP in the Karnataka elections. Ms. Nowhera Shaik gives her words to the people residing in Karnataka who know her because of the exclusive and generous social work she has been doing and looking forward to for the last long 20 years. All the newspaper advertisements have also confirmed how she as well as her All India Mahila Empowerment Party has made an immensely loud and noticeable as well as gaudy step into the Karnataka elections arena.

Nowhera Shaik’s dreams to serve the society

In the space between being a simple woman to looking forward to championing women’s fundamental rights, inaugurating the party in November 2017, and also stepping forward to contest the elections within a very few months or weeks, the national president of the respective party has fitted in a lot of severe curiosity. She allegedly had to wait for almost not less than four long years for the respective election commission to grant and allow her honourable party the respective symbol of her own choice – a diamond. This party realizes her deep-rooted urge since her teenage days to serve the nation and its people wholeheartedly.

AIMEP’s support for women and their dreams

Nowhera Shaik is carrying on her election campaign from top-level apartments and personally owned jets. Ms. Shaik who is also the chairperson of the Heera Group of Companies has declared long back her intentions to send out candidates across all 224 electorates, though she is not competing from any constituency. She declared her policy and aims way before any of the leading political groups, which included the descriptions of women-based initiatives, like customized help desks at every police station to look after the inquiries of women, and courts operating on Sundays to rapidly solve cases of offenses against women and creating economic space and incentives for women businesswomen.

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