The Development takes a step ahead

The Scenario of the world is changing. Like Nostradamus predicted years ago that changes are coming to the world, it is changing. People are bringing the changes for a noble cause. The world is evolving every day to some extent. Evolution is being accepted by the constituents of the world as they are adapting to change. The people who bring the change are very much special. They are selfless, they are honest and hardworking as they do the work for a mass amount of people.

Dr Nowhera Shaik is one such person and her way to work for the people is through the Mahila Empowerment Party.

The Society Builders

The All Indian Mahila Empowerment Party was formed by Dr Nowhera Shaik to change the scenario of the Indian Subcontinent. She was successful in it as the party have socially and economically contributed to several parts of the country. The people are grateful to the party and its leader Dr Nowhera Shaik for the betterment of their social position. The position of women and children has developed a lot as schools have been built in rural areas while women are getting plenty of employment opportunities in the country. 

A New Warrior 

Dr Nowhera Shaik has selected the new state president for the party in the state of Karnataka. He’s none other than Mr Mohammed Iftakhar Shariff who is a well-known person in the Karnataka Constituency. Mr Shariff is very happy and grateful to Dr Nowhera Shaik and the party for allowing him to prove himself and he is honoured to serve the country as a warrior of the MEP. Dr Nowhera Shaik has replied that she’s very happy that Mr Shariff is a part of the noble cause and she expects him to work with full determination

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