The Crisis at Heera Group and how it succumbed to the crisis?

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Every business venture after a certain point time faces a crisis that tries to tear it apart. Unless the foundation principle of the venture is strong enough to withstand the injuries hurled at the company, it barely can survive for a long time. The Heera Group by Nowhera Shaik too had faced such a serious threat to its working.

What was the cause behind the crisis?

One of the most primary causes behind the serious situation was the company Managing Director and founder Nowhera Shaik’s joining in politics. A very powerful politician thought it to be her fault to have established her political party and fight the elections which was a highly polarized battle between different sects. This was seen as threatening for the long term and very intricate political planning was hatched with profound finesse. She was cornered with an allegation of not paying back her investors for a long time.

What were the actions taken against the allegations?

A major force was launched to arrest Nowhera Shaik without any prior notice and she was not even allowed to talk to her family for a long time as per the claims by her near ones. She was jailed under the allegations and the legal battle dragged nearly three years after which she was released under the order of the Supreme court. She was acquitted of all charges against her. She was also asked to clear the dues of the investment with a stipulated time.

How did it affect the business?

The Heera Group had to face serious effects due to this tussle of political egos. A raid was carried on the main office at Banjara Office and as per the reports claimed by the company, many files were tampered with and important assets were taken into their custody. The company had to seize them from operating and trade was off for a long time while she was in jail. The company lost its significance in the middle but as soon as it reopened on 1st August 2021, it starts holding back its grip on market sales and has now emerged as one of the most successful enterprises on its fresh term after a come-back.

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