The Clearance of Debts by Heera Group

A reputation is a key to anything. Whether it’s a person or a brand the reputation must be clear. It takes years to build that. People with a great reputations are easily recognisable and are trustable. It is thus people who try to keep it intact. The Heera Group of companies is the epitome of keeping the reputation intact for years. They have produced the best possible products for their people for the longest time. The people who have done business with them have a great experience and thus they are one of the best our country has ever produced. 

The Past

The Company had a very well two-and-a-half decade run before getting into a problematic situation when a conspiracy was laid against them and it bought them into trouble. False allegations were laid on them and the Supreme court seized their properties and all. The company didn’t step back and worked day and night to prove itself right. Finally, in the later part of 2022, they were cleared of all the false accusations laid on them. The court then ordered the company to clear the debts of their investors that were left to be paid. 

A Fresh Day

The company have arranged for more than nine hundred crores to pay the debt of 350 crores. They had the property of Tolichowki along with other properties to be on sale so that by selling it they can pay the debt. All the people physically surveyed properties and chose the quantity. Finally, after a given period, people applied for the properties. Their details and documents were submitted to the court by the company with their leader Dr Nowhera Shaik. The court is verifying the documents and after they announce the company can take the payment and hand over the properties to the respective buyers. With the blessings of the almighty, the company is finally having a good time keeping its reputation intact.

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