The Business Model of Heera Group 

In recent times, Mrs. Nowhera Shaik the Chief Executive Officer of the Heera Group described the business model of her company. One of the main business sectors of the Heera Group is Gold. Gold is one of such metals that is valued the same as a currency in the world. The market of gold depends on the demand, the supply, and the weightage of the gold. To know that what’s the market value of Gold one has to keep eye on the KITCO market which decides the valuation of Gold according to the US dollars. The Heera Group business model is that of a profit-loss revenue model which assures the increasing revenue amount for the investors and employees as the development of the company.  

She has provided the receipts of investors who have invested an amount of one lakh for one kilogram of gold in the year 2008 but now they are the owner of sixty lakh rupees worth one kilogram of gold. Heera Group is a renowned business company and they have never compromised on the quality of their product as they are true to their promises. The revenue of the Heera Group was at a halt during the past few years. But recently they are on the verge of expanding their business by building malls, marts, and showrooms in various parts of the country. They have recently inaugurated a showroom in Kukatpally and the branch of Heera Mart in Mumbai. The Mart is providing the full makeover products for a bride and is being liked by the people. Due to the revenue, the Heera Group is providing the claimed money to the investors and about twenty percent of the claimers have been fulfilled. The business model of the Heera Group remains the same they believe in hard work and the honesty of the employee. The relationship between the employees and the investors of the company shall be intact, this is the only wish of Mrs. Nowhera Shaik. 

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