The Blue Umbrella, Ruskin Bond.

Ruskin Bond

May 19, 1934 marked the birth of Ruskin Bond, in Kasauli, India. Edith Clarke and Aubrey Bond are his parents’ first and last names.. His father was a member of the Royal Air Force, therefore he and his kid were frequently transported from one location to another.

Ruskin Bond witnessed his parents get divorced at the mere age of eight. His mother then married a Punjabi-Hindu man. Furthermore, Bond’s connection with his mother was complicated, as the two had little regard for each other.

His father provided him his whole attention, which helped him grow. His father, on the other hand, vanished from his life without warning. Such a tragedy had a profound effect on Ruskin Bond.

His first twenty years of life had such an impression on him that he became a good writer. In spite of having such a tough past, Ruskin Bond has grown matured as a person in whole. Most notably, Ruskin made the decision to pursue a career as a serious writer, as his father had wished

It was then that he realized his passion for  literature. Ruskin Bond’s father played a major role in influencing him into writing and reading literature. Charles Dickens, Charlotte Bronte, and Rudyard Kipling are among his favourite authors.

Ruskin Bond’s writing style is very simple yet engaging at the same time, makinghim capable of instantly attracting various readers. Furthermore, his writing style is simple enough for children and laypeople to comprehend. His time spent in the beautiful Himalayan foothills may have had the most influence on his writing. Ruskin Bond wrote the iconic piece “The Room on the Roof” when he was 17 years old, and it was inspired by his experiences at Dehra Dun.

Ruskin Bond will be remembered as a key figure in English literature for the rest of his life. The man has aided in the expansion of Indian children’s literary understanding. His efforts are lauded by the English language’s elites all around the world.

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