The Bandit Queen – Life of Phoolan Devi

Phoolan Devi

A queen-sized life that is no less than a movie. Phoolan Devi’s life story makes us believe once again in the spirit of womanhood. The massive struggle that she had gone through in her childhood days uplifted her courage and made her a strong woman from a very young age. She was born into an extremely poor household and was given to childhood marriage. Her husband was an abusive man and she suffered the fate of domestic violence. Distressed by her family problems, she joined hands in the crime. She joined a gang of dacoits. She was the only woman in the gang. She had a lover in the group named Vikram. There was a difference among the gang members about their relationship as they belonged to different castes. A fight broke and Vikram was killed by other gang members.

The gang members then took her to the village of Behmai, where she was confined to a room where they took turns to rape her. This horrifying event had made her a stone-hearted lady. She fled the spot after over a month and joined the gang of Mallah who sided with her lover’s side. With the help of the bandit group, she avenged the wrongs meted out to her. After a month, that group led by her dropped on the village of Behmai and killed 22 men who raped her turn-wise. She was once again in love with someone from the same group.

Phoolan Devi continued her banditry for quite a few years after that and then finally surrendered to the police in 1983. She was charged with multiple charges of murder, arson, plunder and what not! The media had though supported her act of killing 22 men at gun-shot and became a celebrated figure thereafter. She also had to spend 11 years in jail. She later joined Samajwadi Party and contested elections from Mirzapur and won as the Member of Parliament from that seat twice. She was then assassinated by Sher Singh Rana in 2001. Throughout her life, she lived life her way. A film named ‘The Bandit Queen’ was made based on Phoolan Devi biography.

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