Surabhi Gautam IAS Officer

Surabhi Gautam

Surabhi Gautam Biography:

Here we are with an inspiring and amazing Surabhi Gautam biography. It is common to discuss government examinations and competitions in India. But it is uncommon to discuss their struggles and journey.

Surbhi Gautam is a University Topper and a Gold Medalist. She was placed 50th in the 2016 Civil Services Examination. She was a Hindi Medium School student in the village and studied up to 12th in the same medium.

According to Surabhi Gautam’s biography, she hails from Amdara village in the Satna region Madhya Pradesh. Surabhi Gautam, IAS, passed the exam in 2016. She was able to score 50 points on this highly prestigious exam. Her father is a maihyar Court lawyer and her mother, Dr. Sushila, is a Teacher.

Surabhi graduated from school and took the State Engineering Entrance Exams. She was the first girl in her village to go to university to pursue higher education. She соmрleted her Engineering studies in Eleсtrоniсs аnd Соmmuniсаtiоns аt Bhораl.

She finally realized her desire and started preparing for UPSC Civil Services. She passed the Civil Services exam and received the 50th position at the 2016 UPSC Civil Services Exam in her first attempt.

Surabhi Gautam IAS- Academic Achievements:

Surabhi Gautam’s level of commitment can be judged by the fact that she failed her 12th grade. Rheumatic fever was a problem, and she had to see a doctor once a week in Jabalpur, which was only 150 km from her home. Despite the difficulties, she refused to let her focus be diverted from her studies.

Her goal was to be known as an IAS officer. She persevered with her dream to take this prestigious exam and achieved her goal in 2016.

Surabhi Gautam IAS is reputed to be the most important trial in India. Surabhi’s biography shows that she is a dedicated leader in her field.

Surabhi Gautam IAS- Preparation strategy:

After having read the biography of Surabhi Gautam, she has given valuable feedback about her UPSC preparation. Many aspirants are following her UPSC preparations strategy.

Final Take Away:

Surabhi Gautam’s biography must be told to inspire thousands of people looking for help in community service across the country. Surabhi Gautam considers her struggle to learn English one of her greatest challenges. Surabhi worked tirelessly for her dreams and desires. With her endless efforts, elegance and determination, success followed her around like an invisible shadow.

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