Supreme Court’s hold on the Heera Group’s case

Heera Group's

Heera Group’s case: Following the meeting held on the 4th of July, 2022 Nowhera Shaik came up with a recent update. The meeting was held with the honourable Supreme Court and other legal authorities. The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss on the upcoming approaches of the Heera Groups.

It was during the conference when Dr. Shaik decided to submit her properties to the Supreme Court. She urged the legal authorities to dissolve her assets and pay her genuine investors back. Moreover, she also promised the Court to answer all the rightful claims raised by her genuine investors soon.

Heera Group's

Dr. Nowhera Shaik: The lady who committed

Despite being in a financially pathetic situation, Dr. Shaik committed to provide economic assistance to her investors. She promised to stand beside them and help them both mentally and financially. Well, it is for her empathetic heart and rock-solid will power, we call her the Iron Lady of India.

In an interview with Dr. Shaik, she confronted that it may take a year from now but will return her debts. Her optimistic promises not only have hope to the investors but also filled them with contentment. Besides, the update of Heera Group’s bouncing back added another good news to their caskets.

A mind-blowing decision

Owing the significance of the situation, Dr. Shaik decided to hand over her assets worth Rs. 900 crores to the Supreme Court. By submitting her assets without any legal order, she became the first Indian CEO to do so. Hence, it was the first time in the history of  the Indian Judiciary that such steps were taken. Moreover, by acknowledging such approaches, she yet again proved her as the best.

Through her interviews and YouTube videos, she tried to reach out to her genuine investors. She warned them not to fall prey to the fake predators and cooperate with the legal proceedings.

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