Sunitha Krishnan – the wonder girl

Noble works do not need you to be privileged, does not need you to earn in millions! It just needs an urge from within. An urge that drives you in doing good service towards society. Sunitha Krishnan is one such soul who has broken all the standards just to reach out to the underprivileged sections of this society and empower them as much as possible. She hails from Bangalore.

She is a social activist and also the co-founder of a Non-Governmental Organization named Prajwala. Prajwala helps in rescuing young girls and women stuck in sex trafficking. Her organization aims at rescuing, extending rehabilitation facilities to them and extending support to them so that they can return to mainstream society.

She was awarded India’s fourth-highest civilian awards in 2016 for her outstanding work in the fields of social service. Her foundation has made possible the creation of one of the largest rehabilitation centres in the country. She has been continuously working in the fields of empowering other women and helping them survive the attacks of commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking. She has paired up with many other NGOs from time to time to battle together this problem.

From a very young age, she had been associated with social works. She had been teaching dance to, especially abled children. At the age of 12, she ran teaching classes for the children in slums. At the age of 15, she was gang-raped by eight men who thought that she was interfering with the societal structure of being a girl, which she cannot! At that time she was advocating for the cause of literacy in the Dalit community. She was beaten up brutally by the demons and had survived one year. She is now partially deaf. This incident shook her from within and she become more determined to help the ones who has survived rape.

The start of Prajwala was not easy at all. She even had to sell her jewellery to make ends meet. To date, Prajwala has saved 12,000 sex-trafficked victims and rape survivors. She is an inspiration to many women and has proven very strongly that there is nothing called full stop!

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