Suchi Mukherjee Entrepreneur

Suchi Mukherjee Entrepreneur

Suchi Mukherjee is an Indian entrepreneur who is both a founder and CEO of LimeRoad [an online shopping site] which is recently on trend, it is for lifestyle and accessories website. She got the idea of LimeRoad when she was only 39 and on family leave. The face behind the women and successful online shopping site, LimeRoad which was Founded in the year 2012, Suchi Mukherjee has other two co-founders who founded the company with named Ankush Mehra and Prashant Malik. While Malik has parted with the organization of this website, Mehra is still serving as the Co-founder and the Director of A.M Marketplaces Pvt. Ltd.

Early Life and Career:

Suchi Mukherjee graduated in economics but completed her master’s in Economics and Finance from the London University of Economics. Mukherjee started her professional journey with Lehman Brothers Inc in the year 1998. In 2003 She joined Virgin Media as the Director of Change and Business Development though she also worked for eBay Inc., then became the Director and a member of the Executive Management Team at Skype [a video and chat app] launched in the year 2003.


She aimed at creating the largest women’s-online website and marketplace in Southeast Asia. She has been respected with several awards owing to her contributions related to business and comprehending consumer technology. In the year 2011, Global Women’s Forum voted her No. 1 among 15 participants in “Rising Talent- global leaders under 40” through the World Women’s Forum. Similarly, Limeroad product is also very friendly from the quality and their perfect size and product price. Therefore the company has become more socially unlike purchasing just an electronic object or ordinary pair of sneakers. The joy of looking at those stunning stuff on; site makes one wish to share it with lovely friends and family.

 Today, the company became widely popular and boasts a big percentage of customer-created content like scrapbooks. Which not only help you to enhance the user’s engagement; with the brand but also improve brand loyalty and its quality.

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