Success Story of Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan

Highly acclaimed Irish actor, environmentalist, and activist Pierce Brosnan journey started with a simple story. He was a loner for most of his childhood and faced many difficult and painful experiences in his life. He was able to become the man he wanted to be, and with his perceptions and beliefs.

Brosnan was born in Navan, a small town in County Meath of Ireland, on May 16, 1953. Pierce Brosnan spent 10 years of his childhood living in Navan. He explored the countryside, played around Trim Castle, and lived the quiet country lifestyle. Thomas Brosnan, his father, was a carpenter. His father left the family and his mother when Brosnan was few months old. When Brosnan was just four years old, his mother had to move to London to become a nurse.

He spent the majority of his childhood with his grandparents Philip and Kathleen Smith. Ironically, his grandparents both died when he was just six years old. After spending several months with his relatives, he was eventually picked up by Eileen Reilly, who took him to her house. He stayed there until he was 10 years old when he was taken to Putney by his mother.

 Brosnan describes that His early years were lonely and dry. Brosnan’s mother has married again with  Bill Carmichael after he approved it. Brosnan had a good relationship with his stepfather. His stepfather took him to see a Bond movie, Gold finger. In 1964, was the year he discovered acting as his true passion. He said in an interview.

After graduating from the Drama Centre in 1975, he began his career as an assistant stage manager at York Theatre Royal. He was later chosen by playwrights. Tennessee Williams For the role of McCabe In Sign for the Red Devil Battery. From this role, His fame as a television star rose, and he continued with movies, including Long Good Friday and the Mirror Crack In 1980. He was also nominated in 1985 for Golden Globe Award as the Best supporting actor.

He was elected as the 5th James Bond 007 on June 8, 1994. At a London press conference, he was greeted with huge success by his first Bond movie Golden Eye. It grossed more than $350 million in total worldwide. This was more than any Bond movie in previous years. The next Bond movie earned him more than the previous one, and they combined grossed over $1.6 billion.

He was named the greatest British actor in the film by the Orange in 2001 film survey. People Magazine also voted him the “Sexiest Men Alive” in the same year.

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