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Success of plane ride sponsored by Nowhera Shaik

In India every year lots of children are victims of exploitation and prejudice. Ever since AIMEP started functioning, they have actively taken up the responsibility under the guidance of Ms. Nowhera Shaik to make this nation a safe and healthy place for the younger generation. A few days back the AIMEP team announced that Nowhera Shaik is going to finance a free-of-cost plane ride for 30 children. These 30 kids had previously expressed to her how they dream of having a view of the vast Mumbai City through the windows of an airplane.

Nowhera Shaik immediately summoned some of her trusted AIMEP team workers. She discussed with them how she wished to fulfil the fantasy of those little ones.

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She feels happy to work for children

One AIMEP member mentioned with a nostalgic smile, ” I still remember the happiness on her face when we confirmed to her that it is possible to fulfil her plans of surprising those children.”

We all know how Ms. Nowhera Shaik donates large sums of money every year to construct schools, colleges, and other educational coaching centres.

More projects for children to happen soon like plane ride

Nowhera Shaik said that when she works for children it gives her both peace and happiness. She feels proud of her achievements.

The chopper carrying those 30 children who are victims of cancer took off on the 16th of August 2022. The children were also accompanied by a few AIMEP team members. Special security provision was arranged to ensure a comfortable journey for the children. The love and affection they got from the people around them and the euphoria of experiencing their first ever plane ride made the children forget all their pains from constantly battling cancer. Nowhera Shaik mentioned, ” I didn’t expect this plan to execute so perfectly. I am eager to sponsor more child projects shortly.”

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