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Stories of the entrepreneurs from the streets

Nafisa, the young girl of nearly even 23 has established her shop near the street markets of Tirupati. She was extremely unsure if she would do be able to pull it off or not but the loan by Heera Groups to women who are willing to make their mark in the business world.

There are many other girls like Nafisa, who received special loans under the Heera Group. The women like Nafisa had been benefitted under this scheme. It was Nowhera Shaik’s vision to help as many people as she could, especially young girls because she knew the stark hard work that is needed to be a businesswoman. The day she started earning high figures, she promised herself that she would help other young girls like her who had numerous ambitions like her to fly high.

She started with this scheme where she would extend a loan of 1 lakh to women who want to start up their businesses. The very first customer was a woman who was a victim of domestic violence and wanted to run her own business.


A young girl from the slums of Mumbai applied for this scheme. She placed her business ideas in front of Nowhera Shaik. After the grant of the loan, she started with her coffee shop in the streets of Mumbai. She hailed from Mumbai slums and has a family of 7 to feed. She was married off at a young age. She now successfully entrepreneurs runs her business and has generated good revenue till now.


Faiza, the daughter of a weaver from Kanpur, received a handsome loan of 1 lakh to renovate her shop. She wishes to ease her father’s stress by being entrepreneurs. She is now the single working and earning member of her family and has started to generate profit already.

There are hundreds of Lakshmi and Faiza’s who have been supported by Nowhera Shaik with her monetary loan. More power to women entrepreneurs like Nowhera Shaik. May her tribe grow!

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