Some questions that remain unanswered about Nowhera Shaik’s arrest

Nowhera Shaik

The entire time duration and the process associated with Nowhera Shaik is pretty interesting and murky at the same time. Imagine a businesswoman whose net worth is estimated to be nearly 1000 crore is being held for three lakh fifty thousand fraud case! Is it believable?

Why would Nowhera Shaik be associated with a fraud case of an amount she can pay anytime? What about Nirav Modi, Vijay Mallya, the big stars, superstars and politicians who evade taxes of greater figures? Why is not justice so stringent about their activities?

The entire complaint was brought about by a handful of investors out of lakhs of them! Nowhera Shaik was not even sent any notice about her arrest. It all happened in a quick succession of times. She did not even get the time to react adequately!

She was first taken to Chenchalguda jail in Hyderabad, where she was kept for 9 days. After 9 days, she was told by the authorities that she was being released and her family has come to meet her! When she was out of jail, she did not see her family members. Quite contrary to it, she saw few people in normal civilian dresses but introduced themselves as Mumbai Police. She was taken to Azad Maidan jail in Mumbai.

What can be the feasible reason behind such absurd means of the arrest? Why did not go through the usual norms and instead resort to this means which can be categorized as plain harassment? Many questions remain unanswered! Why would a businesswoman have a good reputation of being a law-abiding citizen for more than 20 years be subjected to such a trial? Why was she suddenly arrested out of nowhere right after she joined politics? That too for a sum as low as three lakh fifty thousand, a sum that was too low for defrauding! Why is then Nirav Modi still left out of prison even after embezzling crores and crores of money?

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