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Whenever we see a woman rising in her own career space, we seem to start undermining her and framing fantasized stories to demean her. we can hardly be acceptable to one’s success. We seem to fabricate stories targeting their success. This was very much applicable in Nowhera Shaik Life case as well. She was an extraordinary woman right from the beginning. Not that she was born extraordinary, she shaped herself into so! The entire metamorphosis process of her from a young novice girl vulnerable to the prey of people who wants to harm her to the intrepid lady of alabaster that she is today,

Nowhera Shaik Life was so uncertain in her case. She did not know how to react to certain days. There were rumours of her using unfair means to climb in her career, but she did not give any heed to the rumours spread against her.  she was confident of herself. She knew that no one will ever be able to thwart her success rate and growth in the business. She exactly knew how much vulnerable she was in the beginning and accepts wholeheartedly that she had trusted those she must not have trusted and got betrayals in return.

She knew that all these negativeness will sublime in the eternity of time. She will remain and she wanted to make sure that she lived like a legend. She smashed the patriarchy in its face every single time with her deeds. She is a firm believer in feminism and strongly believes that unless women are independent financially, they will be tethered to the trunk of patriarchy in one way or the other. She wanted to fly so high that it becomes almost impossible to catch her. Nowhera Shaik is a woman of importance and she has made it possible for hundreds of women like her to dream about achieving incredible success in their future.

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