Sindhutai Sapkal- Mother of Orphans

Sindhutai Sapkal- Mother of Orphans

About Sindhutai Sapkal:

Similar depression can be seen in the story of this lady. The mother of orphans was born on November 14, 1948. She saw the world through the eyes of the cattle herd in Maharashtra. She was considered unnecessary and was called ‘Chindi’ by her community, which means torn cloth. The hunger to learn more was evident in the young Sindhutai.

Her father wanted her to learn, but her mother opposed it. She was only able to finish her education until Class 4. When she was just ten years old, she had to marry a 30 years old man.

Mother of Orphans- Why Inspiring?

Sindhutai’s first encounter with poverty, embarrassment, and homelessness was when she met many orphans, helpless women, and those often ignored by the general public. The NGO called “Savitribai Phule Girls’ Hoste” was founded by Sindhutai under the Foundation “Vanvasi Gopalkrushna Shikshan Evam Kreeda Prasarak Mandal” in Chikaldhara, Amravati. She accepted the orphans and began to work with them, sometimes asking them to help.

She traveled from one village to the next, collecting money for her Ashram. Because of lack of money, she struggled to get her next meal. The mother of orphans didn’t give up. She has cared for and adopted over 1,200 orphaned children to date. All children affectionately call her “Maai.” Many of her adopted children are now doctors and lawyers. Her adopted children and her daughter now have their orphanages.

Sindhutai Sapkal: A symbol of Warmth & Humanity:

More than 750 awards have been given to her for her outstanding social work. She was awarded the prestigious National Iconic Mother And Mother Teresa Awards for Social Justice 2013. In 2016, Sindhutai Sapkal received a Doctorate of Literature from the DY Patil Institute of Technology and Research in Pune.


She has raised approximately 1,200 children in her 42-year career. She is an inspiring example of a dedicated person who has achieved amazing things. This mother is an example to follow. She was a poor woman who used to beg on the streets. Now she is a role model and Mother of orphans and helpless children.

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