Short Biography of Neeraj Chopra

Neeraj Chopra

Who is Neeraj Chopra?

Biography of Neeraj Chopra Javelin Throw Athlete, Career, Physique. Find out who Neeraj Chopra is. Our article will provide all information regarding Neeraj Chopra. We hope you’ll read it all. You will find out what medals he has won and his journey so far. Our article contains his complete biography.

Neeraj and His Family:

He was born in Panipat (Haryana) on 24/12/97. He is now 23 years old and has won many Olympic gold medals. His height is 6 feet tall at 178 cm and 86kg. He is a track and field athlete and is ranked 4. Uwe Hohn is his coach.

He is unmarried. His father is Satish Kumar, and his mother is Saroj Devi. DAV College is where he received his education. Neeraj is the first Indian to win the world title in track and field U-20.

Neeraj Chopra Biography:

NameNeeraj Chopra
Mother’s NameSaroj Devi
Father’s NameSatish Kumar
Age23 years
Height178 CM / 6 ft
Weight86 KG
Olympic Medals1 Gold Medal
GameJavelin Throw
Best Throw record88.1 Meters
JobSoldier in India Army

Neeraj Chopra Gold in Olympics:

He has won a lot of medals and made his country proud. He was 6th in the 2018 World Continental Cup in Javelin Throw. He was awarded the first rank in the World U20 Championships 2016. He was also the first rank at the Assigned Championship 2017, Asian Games 2018, and Commonwealth Games 2018.

According to the current ranking, he currently ranks 4th in Javelin Throw. He is also ranked 107th overall in the overall ranking. Under Uwe Hohn’s coaching, Neeraj Chopra received all these medals.

Neeraj Chopra’s Career: 

Neeraj lives in Panipat, Haryana. His father is a farmer, and he does farming in the small village Khandra. His mother is a housewife, and Neeraj has two sisters. Jai Chaudhary, who used to practice at Panipat Stadium, was Neeraj’s inspiration.

Jaiveer represented Haryana in Javelin Athlete. Neeraj was 80kg when he was 11 years old. He used to go to Panipat Stadium in order to lose weight. He was introduced to Javelin during that time.

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