Shiva, an Indian diver who saved over a 100 lives

Shiva, an Indian diver who saved over a 100 lives

Shiva, who goes by one name, claims he was around ten years old when he came across a group of cops who were offering money to anyone who could pull a body from a nearby pond.

India’s police force is under-resourced and under-trained. Many don’t know how to swim and are unable to hire experienced divers because of a lack of cash. As a result, they frequently rely on such haphazard, even dangerous, arrangements.

How it all started

They were taken aback when Shiva offered to help, he claims. “They initially turned me down, citing my age as a reason. But I persuaded them, “He recalls something. He completed the task and received 40 rupees, which are currently worth roughly $0.54 or £0.42, but were a substantial sum for him at the time.

Shiva lives near Hussain Sagar, a massive man-made lake in the city’s core. The lake is a major tourist attraction that is also used to immerse Ganesha idols during the Ganesha festival. Underwater, the statues disintegrate, and Shiva fishes out the iron rods that make them up to sell to recyclers.

Hussain Sagar

However, the lake is also a place where many people die, and Shiva frequently assists authorities in recovering bodies from the water. He also assists them in recovering bodies from other rivers and lakes in the city on occasion. Near the midst of Hussain Sagar lake in Hyderabad, there is an 18-meter-high Buddha statue.

Shiva claims he had no contact with his parents and spent the majority of his youth on the streets, with brief stays in orphanages. He started living with a woman and her children who were also homeless at some point – he doesn’t know how old he was at the time. He became close to them, and one of her sons taught him to swim, a talent that transformed his life forever.

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