Rupam Islam: Education, family and Achievements of Fossils

Rupam Islam

Rupam Islam is born on 25 January 1974, an Indian singer mainly from the Bengali film industry and band. He is a songwriter, and also music composer. He is known to be the lead vocalist of the popular Bengali Rock Band named Fossils. Rupam gained huge popularity mainly through his solo albums and his works as a member of the band Fossils. He has worked as a playback singer, music director, and lyricist in several Bengali films and for Hindi and Telugu films too. He has sung for various Bengali television soaps advertisement and web series.

Rupam Islam

Education and family

Islam’s musical journey started mainly fairly early under the tutelage of his parents. He renowned musicians of their time: such as late Nurul Islam and late Chhandiita Islam. By the age of only four, he had performed on stage with his parents’ choir group Jhankar Shilpi Goshthhi. By age of nine, he was an empanelled child artiste of Akashvani. He had performed at all leading auditoriums known at Kolkata.

During his Education, he went hand-in-hand with music, and he graduated from Asutosh College Kolkata, an affiliated college with the University of Calcutta with honors in English literature. He completed his Bachelor’s in Education (BEd) and joined Taki Boys Multipurpose School where he taught English to many primary school students for a continuous eleven years before voluntarily retiring in the year 2006 to concentrate on his career in music.

Achievements of Fossils

In the year 1998, his band named Fossils was born, also, Within the first five years, they had become one of the best West Bengal Rock bands among others. As lyricist, music composer, songwriter, and lead vocalist, Rupam came to be identified as the face of the band. Fossils have had a total of six super-hit albums, each of which has created one record or the other.

Rupam Islam ‘s first solo album named Tor Bhorshate released by HMV in the year 1998. The album re-released as Neel Rong Chhilo Bhishon Priyo in the year 2003.

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